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Beijing Yijiayi Machinery Technology Research Institute is located in the capital city of Beijing, located in Beijing Fuk palace brand base yigayi area, Zhayou machinery enterprises in Beijing area is very strong. 2001 March yigayi developed expeller, as companies leading products, after several years of market proven was identification of the Ministry of agriculture extension. Through continuous innovation research in recent ten years, yigayi model press has carried out 10 revolutionary improvement, products sell well all over the country, but also exported to Southeast Asia and many other countries. Following the yigayi developed four stage pressing press again stir in the industry, in 2011 June launched yigayi portable continuous refining machine and multistage press press the perfect combination, thus China small press officially entered the era of squeezing refinery.
Ten years ago, a group of like-minded researchers full of entrepreneurial passion, from our press backbone enterprises go out. In order to change the pressing aging equipment, production of small oil yield is low, the oil pot, not muddy the froth is pressing situation, the sale of poor economic commonly existing in China press industry, in the political and cultural center of the economy - the capital city of Beijing, founded Beijing Yijiayi machinery technology research institute.
In 2001, by the general manager Mr. Huang Yunchao led the design, China first electromechanical screw press in yigayi was born, and changed the oil electromechanical integration Chinese machine enterprises have been imitation Korean integration a row press history. Subsequently, production and application of technology development, and gradually improve. Yigayi press special microcomputer control, infrared heating, pressing chamber design transformation and pressed oil purification technology has been in the industry leading. As each large oil factory, urban and rural press workshop, processing factory and brand edible oil linkage mechanism of choice. Now, yigayi was a banner industry as Chinese oil manufacturers, with superior product performance and perfect after sale service to win the majority of the market, but also exported to many countries in the world.
Yigayi press a bleed, the oil rate higher, super movement used time twice, super low energy consumption cost less times press!
Yigayi to tens of thousands of users has brought good economic benefit, provides a guarantee for their life to grab first pot of gold! There is a large state-owned enterprises mister, a township entrepreneurs, urban and rural press you Fang boss etc..
Yigayi press since the market since, brand visibility and market share has been continuously upgrading, in order to adapt to the new development situation, yigayi decided a total investment of 200000000 yuan to build "yigayi Industrial Park", in 2014 March in Hubei Province, Anlu economic and Technological Development Zone land 142.49 mu, become the Development Zone of major projects, the industrial park will be built to integrate yigayi Beijing and Hubei two factory, all using the standard construction of modern industrial plant, built good Jiayi science and technology building, research building, experiment building, the professional production workshop 56000 square meters, staff dormitory, logistics Plaza, yigayi Cultural Square, yigayi Industrial Park will be built in press and large refinery and complete sets of equipment of the country's largest production base, with strong advantages in the development of first-class technology, production class products, provide first-class services, to create a flow of the brand, to provide the most solid, the most reliable business support for users!
Beijing Yijiayi press production and sales have always maintained a leading, is China press manufacturing industry leading brands. Buy Beijing Yijiayi press customers, throughout the country 31 provinces and autonomous regions. In order to better serve customers, yigayi built covering the sales network throughout the country and more than 100 after sale service network. Each user a purchase, enjoy free installation commissioning, so that users can skilled operate press, until the production compliance with the oil so far, also included yigayi customer service service files, enjoy one year warranty, life-long maintenance service.
Yigayi in the development of Beijing, Hubei two oil machine production base at the same time, created a yigayi unique service system, become the new benchmark oil press industry!

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